Thursday 25 January 2007

Khmer temples

Battambang - Old temple amongst the trees

In the hills outside Battambang are the remains of many old temples from the Khmer period, such as Barseat, Wat Ek and Ba Nan. These can all be reached within a day's ride of Battambang.

Buddhist monks

Monk in Battambang

A walk around town or a ride out into the countryside will inevitably bring us to pagodas and the chance to meet the Buddhist monks, many of whom are very keen to talk and practice their English.

Beautiful countryside

Cattle cart - not white, strangely enough

The province of Battambang is known as the rice basket of Cambodia and a ride out into the countryside will bring you to beautiful rustic scenes of cattle pulling cats, free-range pigs, ducks on the water, locl planting or harvesting the rice, a game of football at the end of the day and so on.

The Bamboo train

Pig on the track!

One of the most interesting advebtures around Battambang is to take a ride on the Bamboo Train.


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